Luxoperidion Flag

The Republic of Luxoperidion is located where today's Quebec and Newfoundland are. It was founded in the mid 1800s as its own separate nation! As one of the first nations in North America, it had plenty of resources which made their economy flourish. Read more about their history below!

Political Rules

Citizens running for any form of political seating, must be the age of 24+. Luxoperidion was originally 20 small states, until 1840, when they unified to form Luxoperidion

  • Preisidents :

Each president serves a term of 5 years. Here are some presidents below

  • 1840-1845: Steven Droma
  • 1845-1850: Pearl Quartz
  • 1850-1860(2 terms): Rose Quartz
  • 1865-1867(Assassinated): Robert Vidalia
  • 1867-1870(Death by Cancer): Jared Valdez
  • 1870-1890(Nation Collapsed into Luxembia, Operin, and Peridia)
  • (Reunified)1890-1895: Dreyer Dewey
  • 1895-1900: Jessica Ramirez
  • 1900-1910(2 terms): Bill Washington
  • 1910-1920(2 terms): Harriet Yu
  • 1920-1924(Assassinated): Dart Robertson
  • 1924-1930(Kicked out of office): Bruce Kai
  • 1930-1940(2 terms): Karen Hsu
  • 1940-1945: Robert Ferdinand
  • 1945-1970(Collapse into Luxembioperin, and Peridia)
  • (Reunified)1970-1980(2 terms): Garret Haschken
  • 1980-2000(4 terms): Sadie Charnock
  • 2000-2010(2 terms): Vikktoria Redding
  • 2010-(???): Triston Ramos