Here are the rules for creating your nation in this wiki. All rules will come with an example and maybe an exception.


Have Originality

One of the most essentials, having originality. Don't copy the design for your nation from another one. 

Example: Making your nation called "Zweden", and being located in today's Sweden. Also, taking today's Sweden flag, and saying you made that flag.

Having no Respect for your Nation

Having no respect for your nation, making it worship or being called something completely unapropiate.

Example: Call your nation "Pen*s", and make it a flag with a person fu*king other person. That's one of many examples.

Making your Nation OP Everytime

Making your nation so powerful that just being created makes it conquer the world. I mean, you can make it conquer the world, but no so quickly.

Having Territory

Having no territory means you have no nation.

Multiple Nations

You can actually make 2 nations at a time.